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If you’re looking for a trusted, organized and helpful contractor to take on your project, look no further than Lionsgate Builders.
— Brad Halliwell | Business Coach and Consultant

Lionsgate Builders have been an invaluable source of education, support during emergency situations and exhibit true professionalism. They are experts in their field and are quick to lend a hand & give guidance in the most difficult situations.
— Amanda Leclerc | Regional Director | F.S.R.

I have worked with many contractors and vendors. Seldom have I found a company as efficient and as professional as Lionsgate Builders.
— David Porter | Former Director of Operations | F.S.R.

Lionsgate Builders has managed our projects with strong leadership by individuals who have the experience to assess the problem, recommend solutions and execute those solutions.
— June Kostoulias | Condo Board President | The Garneau

Lionsgate was quick to offer several alternate solutions that met the project requirements ... this saved the client significant engineering costs ... and solved our client’s problem.
— Emad Delavari PhD, PMP, CCCA, CET | Director of Projects | ryfan electric