Subcontractor/Vendor Pre qualification Questionnaire


Street Address *
Street Address
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Contact Person
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Enter in the average dollar amount for your typical subcontract.
Project Type *
Please check the project type you have experience in.
Communications *
We use a cloud based project management system to schedule, award, communicate and track progress. At no charge to the vendor, are you able to comply with this requirement?
Number of field staff *
List 3 construction projects your organization has currently in place or under contract.
Bankruptcy *
Has your Company or any of its principles ever petitioned for bankruptcy?
Lien *
Has your company or any of its principals ever placed a lien on a project?
Legal *
Are there any Judgements, Claims, Arbitration Proceedings or Suites pending or outstanding against your organization or its officers.
Safety *
Do you have a written Company Safety Policy and Program?
Insurance *
Does your company hold current liability insurance?
Can we obtain a WCB clearance letter upon request?
Please identify 3 General Contractors for whom you have worked in the past 2 years:
We have attempted to answer all questions in full and complete manner to assure that our answers are not in any respect misleading, either by expressing ourselves in a misleading or ambiguous manner or omitting information. We recognize that Lionsgate will be relying on the accuracy of the information and our response in this questionnaire in deciding whether to permit us to bid and/or in awarding work to our Company.